How to Include Pets in Your Wedding or Elopement if They Can’t be There

Sometimes the places we want to elope aren’t super dog-friendly, and you can’t have your pet in your wedding ceremony.

Places like national and some state parks are the main locales I run into with issues when it comes to dogs at weddings. National parks don’t allow dogs on trails (only on paved areas and a few feet off of those paved areas to relieve themselves) and Redwoods National and State Parks only allow dogs on certain dirt roads and parking lots. Sometimes it’s just not possible to bring them, for instance, if you’re eloping internationally, or if they’re just too big to fly and you’re unable to drive to your destination.

Brian and I love our dogs, but for our vow renewal in Scotland, we weren’t able to bring them abroad. Ultimately, we ended up getting matching tattoos of one of their ears in Edinburgh!

But we often consider our fur babies our family, right?! So we want to come up with ways to include them in your special day. Here are some ideas on how to include pets in your wedding without them being there:

How to include pets in your wedding or elopement without them being there - Matt had custom cufflinks made.

So how do we include our furry family members when they can’t come with? Christine and Matt couldn’t bring their fur children Moochi and Murph, so Matt kept them close with custom cuff links!

Some Ideas How to Include Pets

  • If you’re up for a fun/quirky vibe, order a cutout/standee of your pets or you can get custom socks made with an image of your pet!
  • Incorporate your doggo’s name tag on your outfit, or wear it as a piece of jewelry.
  • Add their collar tag as a cute heirloom to your bouquet or your dress.
  • Wedding vows including pets. You could write a special sweet note about your beloved pup to include in your vows.
  • Let your pet inspire your signature cocktails. If your having drinks served at your celebration, you could name your signature cocktail after your furry loved one!
  • If you’re a doggo loving husband-to-be, you could carry a bespoke pocket square with your dog’s silhouette.
  • Have a framed photo or commissioned art piece like a painting of your dog at your ceremony.

There are so many fun and creative ways to include your pets if you aren’t able to bring them in real life. What would you do to have your pet with you in spirit on your elopement day?

PRO TIP: Make sure to let your photographer know about these fun details! That way we can be sure to document them on the day 🥰

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